ServiceNow ITBM for Enterprises.

ServiceNow ITBM make it easier for you to plan, prioritize, and track work aligned to your business goals. ServiceNow’s set of ITBM tools follow a systemic approach to design IT services that meet the needs of the business, making investments a priority, monitoring the effect of those investments, and proactively keeping an eye on the performance of IT services from a cost and quality perspective.

ServiceNow IT Business Management eases the process of predicting your critical business requirements, allotting resources, and assessing the value of your portfolio. With ServiceNow ITBM, you can prioritize new requests and deliver products proficiently.

It also allows you to evaluate important related investments and adjust to plan on an ongoing basis, manage strategic and operational work on a single platform and eliminate bottlenecks to reach the market faster.

Deliver faster and better results – ServiceNow ITBM helps you focus on opportunities that deliver the most value so you can improve productivity and deliver the best results.

Prepare for uncertainties – Change doesn’t always give you the time to prepare. Be prepared for every uncertainty with ServiceNow ITBM, adjust according to changing trends, and get the best possible outcomes.

Simplify your fund flows – ServiceNow ITBM helps you create simplified processes for top-down and bottom-up funding so you can easily request and allocate funds to investments.

Complete visibility for better decision-making – ServiceNow ITBM gives your teams key information about investment planning, including ROI and TCO analyses. Get access to data that has been collected, cleaned, and correlated from various sources to improve your decision-making capabilities.

Align your work to your business objectives – The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) feature if ServiceNow ITBM enables you to manage your complete project lifecycle from idea to execution across your technology and business portfolios. This all-inclusive solution and applications can help you manage your project portfolio, demand, resources ideas, and agile delivery.

ServiceNow ITBM solutions

Demand Management offers a comprehensive view and centralized location to manage strategic business requests for IT services. The application streamlines the investment decision process for new products, services, repairs, and enhancements. Within Demand Management, businesses can generate and communicate new ideas to support corporate initiatives to improve your enterprise.

ServiceNow Recourse Management enables resource managers to create resource plans, request and assign staff to projects, and track IT team availability. Managers can leverage the application’s scheduling features to allocate resources to tasks for various project types, while users can easily see what tasks they are assigned to and with whom. Automated notifications and approvals improve collaboration among resources and intelligent workflows help both managers accurately estimate resource need.

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a suite of ServiceNow applications that improves IT development. PPM includes the following applications:

Demand Management, Resource Management, Project Management, Program Management, and more. Previously known as Project Portfolio Suite, PPM provides a central location to view demands and projects as well as to plan a portfolio and track its progress. With the portfolio workbench, you can easily perform all aspects of financial planning and budgeting.

ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM) builds a comprehensive inventory of the applications an organization is using and identifies technical gaps and redundancies to reduce application costs. By consolidating applications within the same business function, APM helps IT Business Managers identify the need to sunset an application, upgrade to the latest version, or adopt a new application altogether.

Agile Development

ServiceNow Agile Development is an application that manages and tracks software development life-cycles using an incremental and flexible approach. Agile Development manages scrum or waterfall development and helps manage the backlog of tasks.

ServiceNow Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) helps organizations apply agile and lean principles to their enterprise in order to develop and deliver more successful software products in less time.

These two applications enable IT Business Managers to manage scrum, waterfall, or hybrid development efforts in highly collaborative environments.

Performance Analytics

Make better decisions and accelerate your business performance with insights that provide clarity. Leverage performance analytics to identify areas of improvement, detect service bottlenecks, redirect service coverage where it is needed, introduce automation and self-service where necessary, and act on KPIs.